Skin Care Routine

I have struggled with acne all my life and have tried so many different products to try and improve my skin. The more products and face masks I use on my skin the worst it got. I have finally mastered my routine and I literally only use two products. The more simplistic your skincare routine is the better your skin will be. Putting so many different products on our skin just irritates it more and it is not benefiting us. If you have a similar situation as me.. I want you to try these products out.

These are literally the only products I use because of how gentle they are. The ingredients are clean and simple which is what we want in our products. I would spend $50 dollars or more on products and it would just make my skin worse. Both of these products cost $15 dollars which does not break my bank. Sometimes we think expensive products are better but that is not always the case. The simpler the better!

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