My Favorite Healthy Lunch


Lately it has been a struggle to come up with some healthy lunch ideas. I do have more time on my hands on some days and I thought why not try making spring rolls? Well I am sure glad I did! I got all my ingredients at whole foods and it lasted me throughout the entire week. I got two packets of spring roll paper, a pack of cabbage with red onion and carrot, cilantro, shrimp, avocado and I just whipped up quick batch of rice.

This is what my setup looks like. I have all my ingredients laid out and I start putting it all in my rice paper. It is easy to keep all the ingredients throughout the week in containers, and you can make it different each day as well. This is such a fun thing to do and each time you make one you will notice how your rolling skills are improving! I recommend watching a quick video on youtube on how use the rice paper because I was quite confused at first.

I have been eating these all week and just looking at these pictures want me to go make more. If any of you are struggling with lunch ideas, seriously try this! It is refreshing, filling, and sooooo yummy.

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