If any of you are on a jean hunt where they fit perfectly but are still comfy, Abercrombie has the best ones! I am 5’11 and it is hard for me to find jeans that fit me. Abercrombie has options in short, regular, or tall where it fits anyone no matter their height. My hidden secret for getting jeans there for a cheaper price is looking at their sales each week. The price of their jeans are roughly around $100 which is insane but I have never bought them for full price. I own about 5 pairs of Abercrombie jeans and I never bought them more than 50 dollars. So my advice for you all is to wait for them to go on sale because they all most likely do. Save your coin & get yourself the best pair of jeans!

Please ignore my messy room lol

These are all the curve love jeans and I am obsessed! They suck me in and are actually not floods on me for once. I struggle to find jeans that fit my long legs, and where they show off my curves.

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