Author: genuinelyjulia

What Now?

This week I kinda wanna get a little more personal on things going on in life right now. To the people who are graduating college in just a short couple weeks.. I know how scary that feeling is. These past couple months I have been freaking out about that idea. Yeah college is stressful but […]

Green Water?

I Decided to hop on the new trend where everyone is adding Chlorophyll to their water. I have been seeing so many health advantages from just adding 15 drops to your cup of water everyday. The many benefits of chlorophyll include: stimulating the immune system eliminating fungus in the body detoxifying your blood cleaning your […]


For me it is extremely hard to eat a ton of veggies everyday especially with my busy work and school schedule. I have a juicer at home that my family bought from Costco for around 200 dollars. I decided why not make a juice every morning?! So that is exactly what I started to do.I […]