At Home Gel Nails

I don’t know about you guys but spending money on nails every two weeks seems crazy to me! Especially since I am a broke college student who should be better at saving money. So, I thought to myself why not get a gel lamp at home and some new gel nail colors? I went on Amazon and I found a kit for only $30 dollars. All I can say is that this one of the best ideas I ever had. Before a gel lamp, I was absolutely terrible at painting my own nails because I was impatient for the paint to fully dry. The dry time is 60 seconds for each coat and it finishes with a nice glossy finish. This manicure lasts around 1-2 weeks which is not terrible. I am so glad I went along with this idea because it has saved me some serious money.

I recommend all of you to get a kit of Amazon and start becoming your own nail tech. Saving money in 2021 should be everyone’s goal!

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