Green Water?

I Decided to hop on the new trend where everyone is adding Chlorophyll to their water. I have been seeing so many health advantages from just adding 15 drops to your cup of water everyday. The many benefits of chlorophyll include:

  • stimulating the immune system
  • eliminating fungus in the body
  • detoxifying your blood
  • cleaning your intestines
  • getting rid of bad odors
  • energizing the body
  • preventing cancer

These benefits convinced me too finally try this new trend and see what it does for me. I have also been struggling with acne lately from working out with a face mask on and I am hoping this will help clear it up. Today is my first day trying the droplets and I will update you all in about a week to see if I have noticed any changes. Lets hope this helps me as much as it helped so many others!

My Secret to Designer

Since I was a young girl I dreamed of owning a LV bag. The more I have grown up the more I realized how bad of an investment that is for me right now. I have been seeing TIK TOK’S of people ordering purses off of a website called DHgate. I decided I will take the risk and order one from the site. I ordered a dupe of the LV Neonone bag and I must say it is literally identical and beautiful. I spent $30 for a brand new purse that looks exactly like the real one.

I am telling you all… if you want a designer purse but do not have the money to buy one just purchase a dupe! Make sure you read all the reviews and view the pictures before buying from a seller. Happy shopping (:

At Home Gel Nails

I don’t know about you guys but spending money on nails every two weeks seems crazy to me! Especially since I am a broke college student who should be better at saving money. So, I thought to myself why not get a gel lamp at home and some new gel nail colors? I went on Amazon and I found a kit for only $30 dollars. All I can say is that this one of the best ideas I ever had. Before a gel lamp, I was absolutely terrible at painting my own nails because I was impatient for the paint to fully dry. The dry time is 60 seconds for each coat and it finishes with a nice glossy finish. This manicure lasts around 1-2 weeks which is not terrible. I am so glad I went along with this idea because it has saved me some serious money.

I recommend all of you to get a kit of Amazon and start becoming your own nail tech. Saving money in 2021 should be everyone’s goal!

My Favorite Healthy Lunch


Lately it has been a struggle to come up with some healthy lunch ideas. I do have more time on my hands on some days and I thought why not try making spring rolls? Well I am sure glad I did! I got all my ingredients at whole foods and it lasted me throughout the entire week. I got two packets of spring roll paper, a pack of cabbage with red onion and carrot, cilantro, shrimp, avocado and I just whipped up quick batch of rice.

This is what my setup looks like. I have all my ingredients laid out and I start putting it all in my rice paper. It is easy to keep all the ingredients throughout the week in containers, and you can make it different each day as well. This is such a fun thing to do and each time you make one you will notice how your rolling skills are improving! I recommend watching a quick video on youtube on how use the rice paper because I was quite confused at first.

I have been eating these all week and just looking at these pictures want me to go make more. If any of you are struggling with lunch ideas, seriously try this! It is refreshing, filling, and sooooo yummy.


For me it is extremely hard to eat a ton of veggies everyday especially with my busy work and school schedule. I have a juicer at home that my family bought from Costco for around 200 dollars. I decided why not make a juice every morning?! So that is exactly what I started to do.
I pick any fruits and veggies I have in my fridge and I just put it in my juicer. This is a great way to use up all your produce that will be going bad soon instead of wasting it all.

I literally pick any fruits and veggies I have in my fridge and I just throw it all in my juicer. That is the great thing about juicing, no matter what fruit and veggie combo you use it will still taste delicious!

This juice has two oranges, one apple, one lemon, and 8 big carrots!

The juice is so delicious and it makes me feel more awake, and helps brighten my mood throughout the day. It is such an efficient way to get all your nutrients in! If you can find afford a juicer, I highly recommend investing in one.

Here is a quick video to see how it works, and how simple it is!